Welcome to the website of Angel Silvestre kennel for collie rough and basenji!

After several years breeding and working with the breed Dogo Argentino, I've made a decision to stop with this wonderfull but difficult breed. 7 from the 8 dogos owned by the kennel has been sold to other responsible breeders in Europe (Italy, Sweden, France, Belgium). The dog material from the kennel has been given free for dogs in need.

Now, few years later, a new begin has came for Angel Silvestre. With the same passion for beautifull, healty, correct - following the standarts and high quality dogs my attention is directed to the breeds Collie Rough and Basenji. The most important at this stage of breeding for me are character and health. I'm working a lot on the socialisation of the dogs and in mean while making full tests for important deseases speciffic for the breeds. All my breeding dogs are being showed on dog shows, being trained and of course regulary vet checked.

I hope you will enjoy my new website and if there are questions or interest, feel free to contact me.

Best Regards! Inna Ignatova

Dessel, Belgium

Mobile: +32 470 609 787

E-mail: inna88@abv.bg

Languages spoken: English, Dutch, Bulgarian